Double “D” Double “L”, now you know how to spell Muddville! Over the past 10 years, Muddville have been at the forefront of Production, Post Production, Animation, Facilitation and Photography in Dubai, bringing together an abundance of flair, talent and passion. The Muddville towers is a place where creative juices flow like white water rapids, tantalising and treating ideas of the world! Nothing is ever too crazy and the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist! We are all about content!

We love all things visual, with scribbles all over the office; we believe in the magic of a good story and laughter as the best tonic. We consistently strive to bring these elements together to create stunning video content for our clients and partners.

Our Red Epic Cameras - These bad boys shoot up to 300 frames per second and are capable of 5k filming, despite being the size of a handheld camera. They are our pride and joy and we manage their full capacity for brilliance! Already they have travelled across the globe capturing footage from LA, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Barcelona and South Africa. Where next?!

Our in-house talent are extremely passionate about what they do and consistenly deliver amazing pieces of film that grace screens of all shapes and sizes. We love to work with agencies and brands who like to push boundaries whilst having some fun too! We understand our clients consumers want to be entertained and that's what we do!

What We Do

Film & Video Production

Our objective is to output technically cutting edge and visually stimulating projects. We thrive on successfully driving audience awareness, engagement and sharing. As a collection of producers, directors and operators, we pride ourselves on our creativity and passion for producing a signature look for your brand. 


Muddville loves our zainy creative director, who is extremely passionate about coffee, being on set and coming up with those "out there" ideas! One of the few Technical Directors turned Director that thinks swiftly on his feet as he's legging it to the next shot. You need A LOT of energy to work with this man.

We have a database of other directors also available, contact us for more information

Post Production

Our house is filled with truly inspiring editors, compositors, VFX artists and animators. Always being pushed, always being challenged and sometimes even prodded.  With a super fast workflow that has been carefully crafted to ensure efficient turnarounds, some of our systems are able to play 5K footage realtime. 

Animation & Graphics

2D, 3D and even stop motion, all done by the team at Muddville, working with Autodesk's Maya, Softimage and 3DS Max. Along with these wide tools we do motion graphics on After Effects for any additional 2D/3D experiences. We revel in creating beautifully executed and cutting edge motion graphics.


The Boss
Leigh is the brains behind the operations.  Forever making calculated decisions for the team and the company, our rock.
Jac Mulder
Acts like the boss
Ooh, yes, Jac...  has opinions about opinions...
The silent ninja
She loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen and a silent ninja in the office.. 
The calm during the storm
Behind every company there is the one person who keeps everyone happy... This is our happy, smiley Jess!
Walks like an Egyptian
Our editing magician, always happily cutting away to the best beats
The animated character
No animation is too tough for this experienced character... 
He's to blame!
With an intolerance to western food and a touch of the quiet complex, his swift mouse actions get the jobs done.
Real name, Mohammed Ali...
With a name like this we had to have him, our rendering boy, loves long walks at the beach when his farm is overloaded.
The Quiet Achiever
Spends his day creating the cutest little characters that brighten up our day, 
F1 Driver
Doesn't need Google Maps to get around Dubai and he can fix anything! Everyone needs him!


New Holland

"From the moment I finished the storyboard for this idea, I realized I had created a monster. A complex and intimidating series of scribbles that more resembled indecipherable secret military battle plans than a coherent explanation of what was going on in my head. Was there anyone out there that could get what was dribbling out of my mouth let alone attempt to bring it to life? Enter Muddville, they got it... and they even got it done over Skype. They laughed in the face of the many time zones that stood between us, they bent and traversed space-time to reach out and connect to my brain and make the impossible possible. They also used a lot of cool gadgets with fancy big names that made them really cool and important.  

New Holland bees was a true labor of love, and the most rewarding and beautiful job I have had the pleasure of working on. For real."

Muhannad Shono (Art Director, LOUD, Australia)

BPG Group

“Although based in Dubai, Muddville can truly claim to be a world class facility –an amazingly energetic and passionate team of consummate professionals. Every time I work these guys I have fun. Every time, I marvel at their expertise. Every time, I know I will end up with a fabulous film.”

Clive Chapman (Executive Producer)


"Muddville always finds a way to make the impossible happen. The MV team never bows down in front of a challenge and you'll end up with the best in the can. I firmly suggest you "get down and dirty" with Muddville."

Shaun Thomas (Creative Director)


"Truth be told, Muddvillers are rock stars with a touch of brilliance. We’ve got nothing to say besides: Bravo! Can’t wait to work with you guys again."

Maher Gilmour (Associate Vice President, Farsi 1)