SFM Corporate Services
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Our Latest Production Showreel

We have been very busy over the past few months, check out the fruits of our labour with our latest…

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NutreeBoost  (bates pan gulf)
director, post
Jac Mulder Directors Reel 2015
pack shots, cgi, animation, motion graphics, post, showreel, director, production
The Box Stop Motion Animation  (leo burnett)
animation, post, director
thuraya  (bates pan gulf)
cgi, post, director
al manzil
post, director
Dunhill TVC  (memac ogilvy)
post, motion graphics, animation, pack shots

Our Latest Post Production Showreels

Our Post Production team have been beavering away over the past couple of months. Check out our latest…

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04  (bates pan gulf)
tv idents, post
dubai fighting championship
director, post
hollaphonic i don't want it to end
director, post
Dubai Cares Volunteer Globally Nepal 2014
showreel, director, production, post
ras al khaimah tourism  (omnia)
post, director
arwa  (memac ogilvy)
director, post, pack shots
orbit showtime, spear  (memac ogilvy)
cgi, post, director
al manzil corporate
post, director

Doing our bit for Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares strives to improve children's access to quality primary education in developing countries.…

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zemzemeh, flowers  (farsi 1)
tv idents, post, director
falling cloud  (sweetbox)
cgi, animation, post

Project: A Bogus Breitling –…

George Manolopoulous is Muddville’s VFX Supervisor and heads up our Post Production division.…

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portfolio night  (memac ogilvy)
motion graphics, post, director
shangri la (abu dhabi)  (thm)
post, director
vitaene c breakdance  (memac ogilvy)
zemzemeh, fruit market  (farsi 1)
tv idents, post, director
orbit showtime, crash  (memac ogilvy)
cgi, post, director

Our first 4D commercial

An agency with a brave idea left the team at Muddville enthralled with the prospect of creating the…

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orbit showtime, launch  (memac ogilvy)
cgi, post, director
al hafidh  (memac ogilvy)
post, director
zemzemeh, dancing girls  (farsi 1)
tv idents, post, director